About Us

JoyRae Freeman (spiritual name) aka Clarette Martin, is a co-creator of a better world, seeking collaborators and newly awakened souls for the joy, abundance, peace and wonder of it all.  

JoyRae is a Master Healer, intuitive empath, writer, empowerment coach, workshop facilitator and speaker.  During the early years of her professional career including Human Resources and management consulting - and then later as a holistic practitioner - human potential has been a core topic and focus for service and problem solving.  As an idealist - she believes in possibilities and believes strongly in the power of the human spirit influence for the highest and best.

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Meaningful Fun

We believe that communications is such an important component of human relations; and that recognizing then accepting differences in a conscious manner is hopefully a pathway for creating a more civil and loving society.  

Won't you join us on this journey of awakening and wholeness . .  having meaningful fun?  

JoyRae Freeman